Teaching the Alphabet Botany

(2017, 9:44, digital video / sound)

Teaching the Alphabet Botany is a short instructional video that illustrates six key terms from critical theory, each with its own grapheme. Six letters are derived from the diagrams that lay out a curriculum for cultural analysis. This film is intended to be accompanied by discussion of the six letters, and it is encouraged that students come up with their own. As in other instructional films by artists and designers, this film visualizes concepts deemed crucial to our understanding of the world. However, rather than demonstrate abstract concepts from the hard sciences with images, this video uses diagrams inspired by the hard sciences to illustrate abstract concepts in the humanities.

The project also includes a series 6 photographs illustrating each letter. A book exploring the intellectual history and material use of each letter is underway.

(2017, 6 ink jet prints, 12in. x 16in. each)